Type: Patience game

Set up

Shuffle the deck and deal sixteen cards face up as a 4×4 square on table. Rest of the deck is left as a draw pile.

Object of the game

A player tries to collect the cards in as high piles as possible to the last row. When a card has two values in common, i.e. is pair, with a card in the last row, the player can move the card on that compatible card in the last row. Examples of pairs are shown at the beginning of the rulebook.

The player may move cards from the upper rows in whatever order on a compatible card in the last row. While proceeding piles will form in the last row. When the cover cards of the piles are compatible, a pile can be moved on another pile of cards.

Immediately when there is room for at least four cards in the three upper rows, the player may deal new four cards into the empty places. After that the player continues moving cards to the piles or to the empty places in the last row.

Ending the game

The game ends when the player can neither move cards to the piles in the last row nor move the piles on each other. All cards may be dealt or some cards may remain in the deck. The player’s result is the number of points, which corresponds the number of cards in the highest pile in the last row.