Type: Memory game

Set up

Shuffle the deck and deal sixteen cards face down as a 4×4 square on table. The player left to the dealer starts the game with the clockwise sequence of play.

Object of the game

During his/her turn, the player turns two cards face up without moving them. The objective is to find a pair of cards in order to earn the cards. Two cards form a pair, when they share two values in common. Examples of pairs are shown at the beginning of the rulebook. If the cards do not form a pair then the player shall turn them back face down. After this the next player takes the turn.

When the players agree that there are no more pairs to be collected, new cards are dealt face down into the empty places. The player who has the turn continues seeking for pairs.

Ending the game

The game ends when all cards are dealt and players agree that there are no more pairs on the table to be collected. Odd cards are left on the table and the players count the number of earned cards. The player who has collected the highest number of cards wins the game.


In the beginning some other amount of cards, even all the 64, can be dealt on the table. An easier version of the game allows any cards that share at least one common value to form a pair.